Treeloc, Your translation and localization company


Do you have documentation you need translated into one or more languages?

Do you need to be sure the translations are accurate and free of errors?

Do you need the job done quickly?

Do you need highly confidential service?

Do you need a sworn translation?

Do you need...?


Send us your documents. We'll send you an all-inclusive quote in less than an hour.

We'll also let you know how much time we'd like to complete the translation. If time is short, don't worry. Let us know, and we'll find a solution that does not involve charging you extra for an urgent job.

We don't apply urgency surcharges.

All you have is a PDF, InDesign or Quark file? Don't worry, we'll take care of that. And no, we won't charge extra for translating documents that are not in the usual formats.

You'll have your translation on the agreed day, in the format you sent (unless it was a PDF, in which case we'll return it in an editable format), ready for use.


Have you developed software, a new application or a website? Are you opening up a new market in a country that speaks another language?


We have personnel who are experts in localizing precisely that kind of material and ensuring final usability.

In addition to the linguistic team and manager assigned to your project, our team of engineers will make sure your software is fully functional after localization, and that your localized website is just as appealing as the original.


Even before you start developing software, we can advise you on everything to consider to make the localization process easier later: another step on the road to new markets.

  • Is a translation company compliant with ISO 9001 and industry standard ISO 17100.
  • We've been working in this market for over ten years.
  • We have extensive translation experience in engineering, public works, medicine, marketing and IT in just about any language combination you can imagine.
  • We're customer-oriented. You are our top priority and we'll adapt to the way you work.
  • You set the deadlines. (We can help, if you like.) We'll adapt, and we won't apply any surcharges.
  • We have an “all-inclusive policy”: everything is included in the price we quote per word, even if the files you send are in PDF format.
  • Even though our company provides a complex service, our structure is very simple. Everyone, including our upper management, is at your disposal. Your jobs will always come in through a single channel and a single manager. The project manager directing your translation projects will be familiar with the way you work.
  • We'll deliver by the agreed deadline. We know it's essential for you to receive the translation on the agreed date and time.
  • Your documents are valuable to you. They're also valuable to us. Our files are protected and in good hands. All our employees and external collaborators have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). If you prefer, we can even encrypt our communications with you. Confidentiality is the basis of our work.
  • Everything we deliver is translated and reviewed by different people.
  • All our translators and reviewers are native speakers of the requested language or languages. They hold university degrees in Translation and are specialists in the subject matter. Everything is recorded and documented in our database.
  • We use translation memories: databases containing all the sentences we translate for every language combination. The translation memories for your projects will be created exclusively for you. In fact, if you ever need them, they will be provided at no additional cost.
  • Thanks to our translation memories, we can take advantage of everything we've done in the past: an initial analysis shows, sentence by sentence, what text has been translated before, and whether it is repeated within the group of documents you send.
  • Translation memories provide greater productivity, higher text quality and consistency, and lower costs.
  • You send us your documents, always to the same person. You don't have to prepare or extract anything. We take care of everything.
  • We analyze the documents received.
  • We send you a quote and wait for your confirmation.
  • At this point, our engineering department prepares the materials for translation.
  • We translate the documents.
  • We provide quality assurance: a second language professional reviews the text and evaluates the translator.
  • We send the files back to the engineering team to make sure the job we deliver has the proper format, can be read without difficulty, and is visually appealing.
  • On the agreed date and time, our manager will deliver the translations to you, organized by language into folders containing all files.
  • If you have any comments or suggestions for improving the translation, they will be implemented in the documents and in the translation memory for future projects, at no additional cost.
We can provide virtually any language combination imaginable. Ask us the price per word for the combinations that interest you. Keep in mind that all our prices will be reduced depending on the type of words:
New words Words contained in new sentences we have not translated in the past, that are not repeated in the set of documents received.
Repeated words Words contained in sentences repeated within the same set of documents.
100 % Words already contained in our database because they have been translated in the past.
Fuzzy matches Words in similar sentences contained in our database, from similar content translated in the past.
Sworn All words in a sworn translation are counted as new. There are specific prices for sworn translations.
We'd like to give you a brief summary of the reasons we're your best option for translating or localizing your valuable materials:

> Treeloc

> Our translations

> This is how we work

> Our prices


This section provides much greater detail on all our processes, how we work, our mission and values, etc.

We trust that you'll find it interesting, especially if you've already started working with us.

more about us

treeloc opened its doors on May 2, 2002, when there was also talk of recession following the 9/11 attacks. It certainly wasn't the best time to start a new business. We spent that rainy day assembling computers in 70 m2 of office space on the Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona. Those years were very different from today. Back then, the owners did all the work ourselves. We didn't hire our first employee until a year and a half later. Rafa is still with us today, working in the linguistic department.

The company SAP AG came into our lives during that period. Elisabet had worked with them, and had contacts there who were interested in our company. We soon found ourselves translating their system into Catalan. In that tiny space, we managed to fit a large number of translators who took on the enormous challenge of translating the SAP system into Catalan. SAP AG is still one of our main clients, and many translators who participated in that project still work with us regularly.

At that time, our main clients were the world's leading translation corporations.

To this day, having such major players in our client portfolio gives us the opportunity to translate the most cutting-edge applications on the market. We are then able to offer other clients our advanced skills, which these large translation companies help us keep up to date.

We soon realized that we'd outgrown our offices. By 2006, we officially had project management, linguistic and engineering departments, and there was no way the offices on Passeig de Sant Joan could accommodate such a structure. We moved to Carrer València, over the Bulevard Rosa shopping center, in the heart of Barcelona. We now had 180 m2 of office space, and thought it would take years to fill it. We undertook a major renovation project to convert that space into offices with an architecture all our visitors would admire. But the new office turned out to be too small. By 2011, we had nearly 30 people and a huge variety of projects on the table. At the end of that year we transferred to a new location on Consell de Cent. This office was much bigger, almost 250 square metres, where we thought we would set down roots for some time. However, once again reality exceeded expectations. At the start of 2016, we moved offices again, this time to Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, to a 500 square metre Modernist building, equipped with an inner courtyard where our team could enjoy the natural sunlight and great weather of the city of Barcelona.

Technologically, in just a few years we went from having a modem connected to our first DELL server to the fiber optic connection we have today. But we'll explain all that a bit later.

And what can we say about our personnel? So many people have passed through treeloc, and continue to do so, for so many specific projects. They've all left their mark, and have helped us become who and what we are.

more about our philosophy

We have our own philosophy and way of working, which essentially has not changed since we started treeloc. But it wasn't until January 2007 that we discovered that our philosophy, which still hadn't been defined on paper, could be clearly translated into a "mission" with "values" and a "quality policy."

Here is the result:

  • Mission:

At treeloc, we understand that our clients are the axis that our input needs to revolve around. We therefore define our mission vis-à-vis our clients as being:

To support the development of our clients' local markets. By providing an efficient translation of their software, technical documents and marketing materials, we help them sell their products.

We take ownership of our clients' localization needs so that we can advise them at the appropriate design stages and ensure that they achieve their business objectives in the local market.

  • Values:

At treeloc, we share a set of business values that mean we routinely operate with consistent, high-quality standards:

Consensus and teamwork

Open, honest communication

Continuous improvement

A client-centered, result-oriented approach

Kept promises and technical independence


  • Quality policy:

At treeloc, our quality policy is in line with our culture of service excellence.

This means we are committed to:

Taking the necessary actions to fulfill our mission, respecting our company values and complying with the requirements of our quality management system.

Viewing the needs and expectations of our customers as our own, following up on our services, and facilitating communication and accessibility for the client.

Promoting improvements in the skills and capabilities of our treeloc team.

Continuously making progress in and improving the activities and services that treeloc offers clients, and following up to ensure customer satisfaction.

The quality management that this approach involves is the responsibility of all members of our treeloc team.

All of this, which was so difficult for us to write, could easily be summarized as follows: Our clients, along with our personnel, are the most important thing we have. To keep them all, we must make a joint effort to offer our clients an excellent product that our personnel can be proud of.

more about the way we work

After that explanation of our philosophy, it follows that the basis of our operations must be teamwork, geared toward customer satisfaction. More specifically, our approach is built on two pillars: human capital and technology capital.

With regard to human capital, our organization is quite simple. Our three directors lead the three major areas into which treelocis divided: administration and human resources, sales and business development, and production. Because it's the most numerous, the production team is divided into different groups. Our team of project managers ensures that each job is delivered on time, with the best possible quality, and within the expected economic margins. Our team of linguists ensures that every translation performed by treeloc is of a high standard, while also establishing the linguistic criteria to be followed by all persons participating in our projects. Finally, the production area includes the engineering team. Our engineers ensure that all files are returned in perfect condition, ready for use.

With regard to technology capital, our approach is to always invest in the latest technologies: treeloc has a 100 Mb fiber optic connection, and another for backup. A virtual machine server helps us keep the latest software installed and ready for operation on our systems. A VPN server connection gives our in-house team more flexibility. To help our employees balance their work and private lives, this system allows them to leave when necessary and connect to the office later, and gives our external team access to the tools available at the office. We also have storage servers, backup servers, remote copies, etc. Our employees work with state-of-the-art desktop computers. They also use large, high-resolution monitors, so everyone can work as comfortably as possible. This is very important to us.

Our ERP application, which we designed ourselves and are constantly updating, shows us what's happening at treeloc at all times. This way, we can keep you informed about your projects in real time. We can perform cost analyses, see what phase each project is in, monitor the quality of our translators and reward the best ones, etc.

more about our statistics

We wouldn't want to close the “Learn more” section without introducing some numbers even we find dizzying.

Check this out:

  • 10 years doing translations

  • Over 60,000 projects completed

  • More than 15,000,000 words translated

  • In over 50 different language combinations

  • By more than 700 translators

  • Cumulative turnover of over €15,000,000

  • Sustained annual turnover of nearly €2,500,000 in recent years

  • Over 500 clients, mostly still active


treeloc is a technical translation company with over ten year's experience, specializing in the technology industries, engineering and medicine. We're located in Barcelona and have a sales office in the United States.

Although our company now has more than 30 employees and a network of over 1,000 collaborators, it all started with just three founding partners (Mariona Arau, Elisabet Espelt y Raül Martí). All three of us came from the translation industry, with nearly 60 years of combined experience in companies such as IBM, SAP and Microsoft. We continue to manage the company's day-to-day operations. If you have any questions, we'll be delighted to answer them personally.

Our translations are handled by translators from all over the world, who must prove they have the appropriate education, are native speakers of the target language, and have experience in their areas of expertise.

These translations are later reviewed and evaluated by an independent team of translators.

Under the direction of a project manager, we make sure your translation is ready on time and with impeccable quality, whether it's large or small.

Our quality assurance processes have been certified by AENOR in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. Through its partner certification program, SAP AG guarantees that we comply with specific procedures for translating in the SAP environment.